Using Policy

1Starting date for a reservation
A reservation for meeting rooms shall take place one year before the using date.
Please be aware that there may be a case which meeting rooms may not be reserved for terms of large-sized events.
  • Telephone and/or inquiry form through the website are available.
  • Tentative reservation will be for 7days which a scheduled date has more than 3weeks. For a case which the scheduled date is less than 3weeks, tentative reservation may not be accepted.
  • Formal application will be presented after filling out an application form for using the meeting rooms.
  • The room fee shall be payed within a month, or 2weeks before the reserved date, after the application form is presented.
  • In case of bank transfer, it shall be transferred until the assigned deadline.
  • Credit cards, VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/Union Pay, may be used for GMO payment.
  • The reservation may be cancelled in case that the payment are not confirmed.
  • Using equipment and/or food and drink which may be occurred after the reservation, those payments also shall be cleared by the end of the using date.
4Cancellation Fee
The below cancellation fee against the room fee will be occurred after the application:
Offered from contracted date until 91days before using date10% of the room fee
Offered from 90days until 61days before20% of the room fee
Offered from 60days until 31days before30% of the room fee
Offered from 30days until 7days before50% of the room fee
Offered from 6days until 2days before80% of the room fee
for a day before and the using date100% of the room fee
Carrying-in any foods or drinks are prohibited. They may be ordered at our facility.
There may be a liquidation in case of stains, damages, spouting and/or non-cooperative to the facility's instruction.
7Limitation of usage
There may be a suspension on using the rooms for below matters, even after the application. No indemnities are corresponded in these cases.
  • In case an applicant or participants are found to be involved any of Organized Crime Groups or any other antisocial forces.
  • In case to admit a fear to corrupt public disciplines, manners and customs.
  • In case to presume any frauds and malicious business methods.
  • In case any different information are found from the application form.
  • In case of sublease to the third party without permission.
  • In case of failing on administrative process necessary towards to government offices for application.
  • In case for nuisance actions/behaviors.
  • In case of cancelled order by government offices.
  • In case when the facility is unable to use due to a disaster or any other accidents.
  • In case of official warning caused by earthquake.
  • In case safety confirmation for the facility is not completed when seismic intensity of 5 is announced within Tokyo.
  • In case for others, which any other troubles to operate the rooms are found, and the facility is recognized as unsuitable place.
Any dangerous articles and ignitable items to be carried-in are strongly prohibited. Please inform and inquire beforehand for such particular items that need to be carried-in. Please follow the guidance for smooth operation in the facility for a safety use.