Flow of using meeting rooms

1Scheduling the using date
Please freely inquire by inquiry format or by phone.
Exhibition/Operation plan, schedule control, purpose of usage/point may be advised and negotiated.
2Tentative Reservation
Maximum for 7days for tentative reservation.
However, no tentative reservation for a case which is less than 3weeks until the using date.
Please understand that the tentative reservation may be cancelled past one week.
3Preliminary Examination
Please freely inquire as you desired.
4Determination/Application System/Application Payment
Application will take place after determination, as a contract is concluded for using the meeting room.
Application form shall be filled when using policy is accepted.
Room fee shall be payed within a month after the application form is presented or by 2weeks before the reserved date.
May take place anytime as desired for layout, using equipment, schedule, food/drink*.

* for food/drink (party/lunchbox): shall be determined until a week before the reserved date, except the lunch included in a package plan.

6The using date
The room will be available 30 minutes before.
7The payment for remained fee
Please contact with a staff in charge and the payment shall all be cleared by the end of using date.
Accepted Credit Card on the using day at reception: